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Lindsey Banks is an award-winning, global CamStar who has officially represented multiple companies as a Brand Ambassador and Collaborator in the Adult Industry. After accumulating numerous awards and accolades   over the last decade, Banksie ascended her camming throne and became known as Queen of Cams. Officially cam royalty, the reign has been filled with years of traveling, involvement with performers, developing the cammunity network, and even hosting multiple red carpet events each year for major industry awards shows. She has also participated in many seminars and panels.  As camming grew to hold a significant role in her life, it was inevitable she would emerge as a leader in the revolution of cams. Experiencing even a glimpse into her kingdom is the dream of any lifetime.

Years seminars and panels have been a learning experience for Lindsey. From in real life encounters at shows or virtual meet ups and webinars, the opportunity to share about the cam world presents itself through these means. Here is a list of several she had attended and participated in.

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