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We are revolutionizing the way we use camming in our every day to day life.

After years of marketing and promoting across multiple 

Social Media platforms, Lindsey Banks has developed a lifestyle and livelihood "living" online. Through attending expos and trade shows each year, Banksie built strong foundations, a system of networking and contacts within the camming 

community.  Now, as all industries modernize to a new digital and web-based paradigm, the power to stay connected and engaged with audiences andothers across new and developing platforms has become an invaluable asset. Technology continues to revolutionize across the globe and enables us to be constantly connected and share with others. 

Our pledge is to promote awareness and unity -
uncensored, raw and real.

We Are Watching.


Lindsey Banks is an award-winning, global CamStar. After accumulating numerous awards and accolades over the last decade, Banksie ascended her camming throne and became known as Queen of Cams. Officially cam royalty, the Queen of Cam's reign has been filled with years of traveling, involvement with performers, developing the cammunity network, and even hosting multiple red carpet events each year for major industry awards shows. She has also participated in many seminars and panels.  As camming grew to hold a significant role in her life, it was inevitable she would emerge as a leader in the revolution of cams. Experiencing even a glimpse into her kingdom is the dream of any lifetime.

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